About Us

The iconic Dohertys Gym was first established in 1993 by Tony Doherty.

A household name and local landmark, Dohertys Gym is also considered a destination point for travellers, celebrities, bodybuilders, and athletes from all over the world.

The gym now has 6 locations across Melbourne and Perth.

Our motto "Home Away from Home" means that we welcome people from all walks of life, and provide a safe, friendly and supportive environment for those that want to train, and those who NEED to train.

The Dohertys Gym Shop was born of Tony's vision to grow the brand beyond the walls of the gym. Our shop features premium fitness apparel and casual wear designed for our members, visitors and fans, to reflect our values and the soul of Dohertys Gym. 

Our apparel is now available globally, so you can wear the Dohertys brand with pride, no matter where you are!



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